Digital Pylon Advertising in Destin

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Digital Pylon Signage is Affordable Advertising



Do you want to catch the eye of potential customers?
If so, digital pylon advertising in Destin may be right for you!

Our digital advertising in Destin stands tall right in the heart of town at one of the busiest intersections on the Emerald Coast. It is easily visible from every angle and is particularly eye-catching at night. Whether your potential customers are heading to the beach, shopping or dining with our neighbor, The Destin Commons, or just passing by en route to their next destination, your ad will catch their eye! This is an incredible value for your marketing dollars at only $500 / month.


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the Beachworx digital advertising in Destin!

Digital Advertising in Destin


Our members get access to a fantastic opportunity to advertise their business on the busiest intersection in Destin. Our digital billboard is seen by an average of over 52,000 cars per day!


With Beachworx digital pylon
advertising you can expect:

  • Increased visibility at a reasonable cost. All advertising is good, but our digital pylon advertising lets your customers and potential customers see your message in new ways. Beachworx is located at a main-on-main, lighted intersection of Highway 98 in Destin, Fl. The average daily traffic count is 52,000 drivers – that’s 52,000 people who could be learning about your business.


  • Easy Maintenance. It is simple to keep your company’s message visible. Once you commit to the Beachworx digital pylon, we handle everything for you! You provide your ready-to-publish ad, and we will make sure it is constantly running, per the terms of our agreement.


  • No Membership Commitment. Beachworx offers digital pylon advertising with no other membership required. While many Beachworx members take advantage of the digital pylon advertising amenity, you do not have to be a member at Beachworx to utilize this affordable marketing tool.



  • Limited Availability. You no longer need to worry about your ad getting lost in the mix. We have a limit of 15-advertisers. Your ad will appear twice for seven seconds in a three-and-a-half-minute ad rotation. This puts your message front-and-center to a captive audience waiting for the red light to change.