Coworking Office Space for Rent in Fort Walton Beach

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Coworking is a Solution for Every Professional 

A coworking space in Fort Walton Beach is a professional environment, open to public users, which offers the usual office amenities in a shared environment. Whether you’re an employee, a boss or a solopreneur, coworking can be a flexible, affordable solution for you.

Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs

Whether you employ a small team that is required to collaborate in person or you’re an individual working from home, coworking in Fort Walton Beach supports you with:

  • A professional environment that encourages your focus
  • Networking opportunities
  • Improved customer confidence and credibility that home offices lack
  • Flexibility that adjusts to your business’s needs with one month’s notice

Large Employers

Remote and hybrid work is here to stay. Workers are seeking this flexibility in their job search and employers stay competitive and save money by offering remote work as a benefit.

How does Fort Walton Beach coworking help large employers?

  • Give employees access to the tools they need to be productive – reliable wifi, digital imaging services, teleconferencing tools
  • Combat the downsides of working isolated at home – lack of boundaries between work and home, loneliness, substance abuse, depression and anxiety
  • Despite not working with others from the same company or industry, a thriving community exists at Beachworx. Collaborations, insight, and friendships emerge from connections made in our space
  • Improved productivity
  • Affordable, flexible alternatives to traditional commercial leasing

Freelancers & Digital Nomads

If you work for yourself, and you can work anywhere, why wouldn’t you work in paradise? Beachworx is two blocks from the sugar sand and emerald coast beach of Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Need more convincing?

  • Access our space by the hour, day, week or month
  • Purchase a package of day passes that never expire
  • Unmatched flexibility – our independent brand prides itself on our flexibility to accommodate any request

What’s Included?

Beachworx membership has its privileges. Your benefits include:

Member Portal

Build out your business’s profile so people can find you in the in the member directory. See availability and reserve conference rooms, update your payment method and download your invoices and receipts.

Social Media

Follow us to receive updates about events, new products and celebrate each other’s success.


Coffee, snacks, filtered water, kitchenette, reliable and fast Wi-Fi, unlimited printing/scanning/copying, and free parking are included in memberships.


The Hub is where our members love to gather. Whether you are on a lunch break or just want to take a break and grab a snack, The Hub is where you’ll get to know your fellow coworking members. Events hosted by Beachworx are held in the Hub and are a great way to network with other members and the public. Follow us on eventbrite to register for our events.

Meeting spaces

Our boardroom seats 8 at the table with space for additional seats for six in the room. The space is equipped with flatscreen TV compatible with Mac or PC, conference phone, white boards, markers, erasers, and easels. Most access memberships include monthly credits, and it may be rented by the hour for members and the public.