Coworking is an upward trend in the US, with thousands of us choosing to make the switch to a different way of working. In the next couple of years, it is anticipated there will be over 40,000 coworking offices in the U.S.

If you’re planning to join a coworking space, find one that offers services that will help your business thrive – this means looking beyond free parking and gourmet coffee service. Here are a few services that will take your coworking experience to the next level.

Virtual Address 

Many coworking spaces offer their members what is known as a virtual address, usually a suite number within the coworking spaces’ address. This address can be used for receiving mail and establishing a Google business profile.

A professional office address lends credibility to solopreneurs and start-ups, who may otherwise be working from home. A virtual address also offers a layer of identity protection for such workers.

Business Services

A virtual address is not to be confused with a virtual office, which may have a virtual address at its core, but also includes other services that support small businesses. Some services that coworking spaces offer include mail receipt and package handling, answering services or podcasting studios.

At the very least most co-working spaces will make meeting rooms available for in-person or virtual meetings. Check with the vendor to see which services can be packaged.

Registered Agent

Your business is required to have an address on file with certain state agencies for reporting purposes. Additionally, you must have an address at which you may be served legal documents, like subpoenas and summons. If you work from home and spend your day calling on clients you’re likely unavailable to receive such calls.

Many coworking spaces also offer registered agent services, which means their business is your business’s address of record. Because the coworking space is staffed during regular business hours, they can receive not only  mail, but these legal documents which are served in person.

Check with your preferred coworking space to see if they offer these services.


While coworking can be the preferred alternative to leasing commercial real estate it comes at the expense of having space to call one’s own. That means you may be in need of storage space for equipment and product, depending on your business. Seek a coworking space that offers storage, either inclusive with your membership, or for an additional fee.

Meeting Spaces

A  meeting room or conference space offers coworkers a quiet space for meeting clients and having confidential conversations, in person and via teleconference.

Many membership plans include a few credit hours per month of meeting room space, while meeting room packages that can be used anytime are a great option for non-members.


Coworking spaces are filled with high achieving entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business teams. The knowledge and experience of fellow members is an incredible resource just waiting to be tapped.

Many coworking spaces offer formal and informal networking events for members, but even the water cooler conversations can lead to valuable knowledge transfers and introductions. Take time to get to know your fellow coworkers and help them understand your business, too.


Most facilities lend their users technical equipment like mouse pads, extra phone chargers and webcams and also the best books written about leadership, habits for effectiveness, business marketing and communication.

Take a look at your space’s library to see if top titles everyone is talking about are available to borrow.

Upgrade Your Coworking Office

In the growing world of remote and coworking, it’s important to make sure your coworking space offers the best services to support your business.

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