The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the landscape of working spaces. Some people like the idea of working from home, but other people are ready to rejoin the office space.

Because of that balance, Florida is seeing a significant rise in demand for coworking space. In the Miami area, demand has risen by 66% from 2020 to 2021.

For those that may be on the fence about returning to the office, you may be wondering what the benefits are for office space rental. Well, here are five of the biggest reasons to go back.

  • Socializing 

One of the biggest complaints about working from home is that it can feel isolating. Some people, particularly extroverts, miss those one or two reliable friends in the office that they could chat with. Others might just like the idea of not being so lonely.

In the middle of the pandemic, a survey revealed that 70% of workers felt more isolated while working from home.

Having that office space allows people more opportunities to socialize and take away the feeling of possible loneliness.

  • Building Team Chemistry 

Relating to socializing, another reason to consider a coworking space is that you can use it as a chance to build team chemistry. While there are business communication apps that remote workers use, those and Zoom calls are not quite the same as being in an office.

An office allows people to get to know each other and have more opportunities to communicate with each other. Workers can learn the best and worst about each other to be more efficient.

  • Lower Costs 

Another reason to consider a coworking space is because in the long run, it can be a less expensive option for businesses. Before the pandemic, many businesses would just lease an entire building and use that for office space.

That is obviously significantly more expensive because of how much space is needed. With coworking spaces, you only need to rent out one part of the building, thus paying a fraction of the price.

  • Networking 

Depending on the neighbors that you have, you could end up having unique opportunities to network with other businesses. This can be the case if you are working in similar businesses or if both of your businesses provide a need for each other’s businesses.

It could be an opportunity to work together with another successful business and possibly have someone from that business connect you with new clients.

  • Security 

Finally, in these types of coworking spaces, there is likely to be more security than your own home. With secure WiFi and computer programs to protect all of your data it can, not only, take the stress of being hacked off of your plate but ensure you have a reliable connection to continue working without having to postpone a meeting or a video call due to lose of internet.

Use Shared Office Space Rental 

These are just five reasons why you should consider shared office space rental. It will improve your security, give you a lot more social opportunities, and it can help you lower costs on physical space. Have these reasons convinced you to get your own shared office space? Get in touch with us today to start going over your plan.