The notion of remote work was previously an exclusive option for niche industries, such as freelancers and entrepreneurs. These days, it’s exceedingly more common. In Florida alone, more than 6 percent of workers are remote workers.

Of course, working remotely as a freelancer or digital entrepreneur doesn’t entirely free you from the needs of an office. After all, you still need things like a physical mailing address. You may also need to occasionally access a professional office space to work or conduct meetings in conference rooms.

Enter the virtual office solutions of coworking spaces. Not sure what these solutions include? Keep reading for a quick breakdown.

What Is a Virtual Address?

One problem faced by many solopreneurs, home-based businesses, and startups is that their only address options are a post office or their home address.

A virtual address is a service provided by many coworking spaces, allowing you to use their commercial business address as your own. This address legitimizes a solopreneur’s business by providing Google with the answers your potential customers are seeking. 

In addition to protecting your identity, a virtual address can help your business expand into new markets and may even inspire confidence in lenders and other businesses with whom you’d like to collaborate.  

So What is a Virtual Office?  

The virtual address gives your business a professional physical location, but what if someone actually wants to use that virtual address? Most virtual address providers will include in their agreement options for in-bound mail receipt or mail forwarding. 

If the space is equipped with a community manager, that person can also refer back to you any inquiries received on your behalf.  There may be other services offered in what is considered a “virtual office” – generally these include the virtual address but may also include voicemail services and access to a professional brick and mortar office space, which has the most solutions to support your business. 

How to Use a Virtual Office?

The best virtual offices are synonymous with coworking spaces, flexible, affordable professional office environments that provide a number of solutions. Whether it’s a hot desk, rented on a first-come, first-served basis by the day or week, or an executive suite rented by the month or year, the best coworking spaces are agile, allowing users to up- or downgrade as their needs change. This is a stark contradiction to traditional commercial real estate leases which lock tenants into long term commitments.   

Day use can include conference room rentals for presentations, meetings or teleconferencing. Printing and scanning solutions are also options available to users. 

And don’t forget the community. Solo work can be lonely and working around others can be a great way to feel connected to your community. Building rapport with other professionals outside of your industry can broaden your network and even inspire new ideas. 

Find Your Solution

A virtual address and virtual office provide flexible affordable solutions for anyone in business. 

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