Virtual Offices in Destin

Expand Your Business Presence With Beachworx Premier
Virtual Business Address

Benefits of a Virtual Membership:

  • Permanent street address for creating an online presence with Google My Business
  • Optional mail / package receiving and mail forwarding available (additional fees apply)
  • List your profile in Beachworx’s member network – connect with members who need your service
  • Be featured in Member Spotlight – a social media feature exclusive to Beachworx members
  • Enjoy tax benefits of registering a business in Florida
  • More credible than a PO Box and safer than using a home address
  • No contract agreements 

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Realize the value a Beachworx membership adds to your business.

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Virtual Address

Virtual Business Address

Expand your business presence cost effectively utilizing Beachworx “Class A” virtual business address

Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

Get your business featured on our social media channels and our member directory to increase your exposure.

Networking Opportunities

Networking Opportunities

Get exclusive invitation-only access to personal and professional networking events.

Get the Benefits of an Office Without the Cost

With a virtual office, you can still enjoy all the benefits of being a member at Beachworx. Are you local or traveling to the Destin area and need to meet clients? Not a problem, simply schedule use of our conference room. You can also take advantage of our Hotdesks.

Why is a Google verified address important?
Having a Google verified address will help increase awareness for your business.

  • You tell Google what information to include about your company in the listing.
  • Customers will be able to leave reviews about your company
  • Appear in a geographical search
  • Increase your website SEO by including links within the listing back to your website
What will my address be?
When you sign up, you will be provided a Suite Number to use along with the main Beachworx address. You will be able to receive and send mail out using this address.
What is the Member Spotlight?
Every month we promote Beachworx members in a special post on social media called “Member Spotlight”. We will include your logo and information regarding your company and the services you offer.
How can I network with other members?
Once you become a member of Beachworx you will be added to the Member Network. You can reach out to other members, and you will have access to the Beachworx app.

You will also get exclusive invitation only access to personal and professional networking events in our space from community members and business professionals.

Why is a virtual address better than a PO Box or home office?
There are many reasons but here are just a couple:

  • A P.O. Box can make your business look uncommitted or low-budget. A virtual address gives off the impression of a physical office and can provide a more professional business image.
  • While P.O. Boxes are more private than a street address, clients could still track down your personal address without permission. A virtual address keeps your privacy secure.
  • A virtual business address is an affordable option that offers full flexibility, privacy, and credibility so you can focus on higher-value business activities.



Digital Pylon Advertising


Our members get access to a fantastic opportunity to advertise their business on the busiest intersection in Destin. Our digital billboard is seen by an average of over 51,000 cars per day!