Do you run a business from home but wish you had the benefits of a professional office? Are you considering expanding your business into new markets? If so, you should learn about the advantages of a virtual address or virtual office membership.

The term virtual office is often confused with a virtual address, but this post will identify the difference and benefits of each. Either is a valuable resource for both entrepreneurs and enterprise level clients.

What is a Virtual Address?

A virtual address is an address your business uses instead of its physical address; it lends a business credibility both on- and offline.

Ever “googled” a company and found a street view image of a residence or another location that didn’t seem to fit the company’s description? Did it inspire confidence in doing business with that company?

With a virtual address – particularly one in a  Class A office building – your business’ online presence looks professional, credible and legitimate in online search. Do your own research before selecting a virtual address provider to be certain it’s where you want to hang your virtual shingle.

A virtual address also allows a business the flexibility to register or hang licenses in another state – expanding your business’ reach while maintaining compliance. A virtual address displays  credibility to banks and lenders with whom you may want to do business. It also allows you to grow your business in target markets.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs prefer a virtual address because of the credibility it displays, but also for other safeguards. If your business is really operated from your home, a virtual address helps protect your identity and property.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office provides a combination of services that include a virtual address.

Renting an office can be one of the biggest expenses to a business, but a virtual membership significantly reduces this cost by wrapping many services into an affordable fee. Virtual office locations offer services like mail and package handling, answering services, office rental and meeting space options.


Many entrepreneurs will tell you about their favorite coffee shop – the one where they used to meet clients or work from when home ceased to be productive.

Virtual offices often include access to brick-and-mortar spaces thoughtfully designed for professional use. Co-working, private office rentals, meeting rooms, communication tools, WiFi, printing and, yes, coffee, are some features that can be elements of a virtual office membership.


Starting a new business is exciting – but it can also be a lonely experience. You have ideas, but you’ve never executed them, so don’t know what to expect. You’ve got questions but don’t know who has the answers. The best virtual office environments encourage collaboration among its community – whether virtually through networking apps or in person through co-working, learning and networking events.


Renting an office can be a huge expense and is something many business owners can’t afford in their early stages. A virtual office membership that provides a la carte solutions – such as daily desk rental, meeting space rental, on top of the other services mentioned earlier – means you can grow your business affordably and at your own pace.

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