A recent Pew Research Center report shows that 54% of employees whose work can be done from home all or most of the time would prefer to continue working from home after the coronavirus pandemic moves into its endemic phase. 

And as employers have pivoted to accommodate remote working over the last two years, work from home can sometimes mean work from anywhere. So why not head to the beach, where the weather is hot and so are the desks?

What is a Hot Desk?

What is a hot desk exactly? Hot desking provides remote employees a desk in a professional environment. Desks are not assigned to individuals, but they’re open for daily use on a first-come, first serve basis. 

Hot desking provides the perfect hybrid office solution. It’s ideal for individuals who don’t need a full-time office but do need access to a quiet and professional space to achieve their goals for the day.

Who can benefit from a Hot Desk?

Anyone!  As a result of the pandemic pivot more employers are offering employees flexible scheduling and remote work options.  Coworking spaces are accommodating these solutions for the individual and also the enterprise level client. 

If your company offers you these perks, it can partner with a network of coworking facilities that offer a number of solutions for remote employees. Even if your company isn’t a partner, you can likely find a participating coworking space in your vacation destination.

How Do You Hot Desk on Vacation

How do you hot desk if you’re vacationing?

Many hot desks are available in flexible terms  – daily or by the week, which is ideal for when you want to get work done and get back to the beach.

Is Hot Desking on Vacation in Your Future?

If your family is headed south for a beach vacation, know that even the best of intentions can be challenged when you’re outside of your element. Your condo may be beautiful, but not necessarily set up for work, with a quiet space for laptops, monitors, printers and scanners. Wi-fi can be stressed by multiple users. And the kids, well, you know, will be kids. 

Here at Beachworx, we offer a flexible, affordable professional office environment that meets the needs of tourists and locals, alike.  

We’re your office at the beach and we look forward to designing your remote work solution while visiting Destin or Miramar Beach. Contact us today at 850-974-3435.