Does your home and business have the same address?

If they do, it may be time to make a change. A virtual office is an easy way to improve your professional image. There are many benefits of having a virtual office, including protecting your privacy and building your customers’ trust. 

Keep reading to learn why a virtual office may be a needed solution for your expanding business.  

Virtual Office Rental Demystified

A virtual office is a way for small business owners to claim an address in a class A office building – without purchasing or renting physical office space. Instead of committing to a long term lease, business owners use the address of a coworking space to legitimize their business. A virtual office address can be used to improve a business’s online presence, receive mail and packages and provide workspace solutions.

How Does It Work?

A virtual office at Beachworx,  Destin, Florida’s premier coworking space, is one offering in a la carte solutions menu. The best part – virtual memberships begin at just $49 a month. 

A virtual membership gives your business a professional address at Beachworx’s location. Use this address to build out your Google My Business profile. You manage this profile, updating your hours of operation, customer reviews and links to your website and phone number. 

Whenever someone searches Google for your business, all of this information, plus a picture of and map to Beachworx’s four-story professional office building in the heart of Destin, appears as if it is your business’s location. This Google tool also improves your SEO rankings, giving your business more organically generated brand awareness in search engines. 

Perks of a Professional Mailing Address

A professional business address is important for a number of reasons. First, it lends credibility and helps a new business gain customer trust. While a number of businesses are actually run from home, a virtual office makes your business look a little bigger – helping you to “fake it ‘till you make it.” 

More importantly, it protects your privacy, which is important for both your physical safety and identity protection.  

A virtual office can also allow you to expand into different markets. If you can serve customers in more than one location, a virtual office gives potential customers a place to find you. Afraid someone will show up when you’re not there? Don’t sweat it. The concierge team of any virtual office will take a message and get it to you. This is just one way coworking spaces support their customers.  

Additional Virtual Office Benefits

The beauty of virtual offices is the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your membership as needed. As your business expands, you may elect to add in-bound mail receipt, mail forwarding or access the physical coworking space for meetings or work.  

Physical Office Space

Beachworx offers a unique blend of hot desks and open coworking community space with private offices and executive suites. Day use passes are popular with outside sales teams, tourists and professionals working from home. Long-term memberships and day pass packages are ways to get more value out of Beachworx, as there is often a discount for bulk purchases. 

Conference rooms are also available for rent by the hour or day. A 10-person conference table can accommodate in-person or virtual meetings with high definition conference phones and a 70” television with Apple air play capabilities. 

As you can see, coworking offers an affordable alternative for accessing commercial office space without the steep costs.

Virtual Offices Are Your Solution

A virtual office is the first step toward growing your business. It adds a sense of professionalism to customer perception and gives you an opportunity to use professional office space without the costs of long-term lease commitments.   

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