Remote and hybrid work is trending, post-pandemic. Businesses are learning what entrepreneurs and small business owners have known for a while – that work can be done anywhere. But every business, no matter its size, wants to present a professional image. One of the best ways to do this is with a virtual office space. A virtual office is a membership type which allows your business either use of an address at a professional office building or the use of a number of amenities at a business service center or coworking space.

Before choosing the best space for you, take into consideration these 6 aspects of a virtual offices and the services they offer.

Location, Location, Location

Although your business might work remotely, the location of your virtual office space should still be convenient for your team and clients. If ever you need to organize in-person meetings or have customers deliver items for you, ensure that the office space is easy to find and offers a reasonable amount of parking.

Keep in mind the neighborhood of your select office reflects upon your brand image – it might be incongruous for an artistic company to be located in a financial center. Find a space that is a fit for your employees, customers, style and brand.

Research Customer reviews

Coworking spaces can vary in their customer approach. Some rely on technology to grant users access to the space and leave the details to the end user. Others are customer service focused with a community manager and administrative staff who assist you in scheduling events, collecting mail and answering questions on your business’ behalf.

Online reviews are one place to start, but you may check with your network and ask who prefers which space and why. Some spaces offer referral perks to their existing members, which makes them brand ambassadors eager to share about their experience. Ask if a space will allow you to tour or purchase a day pass to try before you buy.

Check the Tech

If you plan to conduct meetings at the space, ask about their teleconferencing tools. Can you Zoom and take conference calls in a private boardroom or call room?

Industry-specific shared and coworking spaces are popping up in larger markets. These spaces offer the technology tools needed to conduct specialized work, like podcasting, video production and even biotech lab research.

If your business is not highly-specialized you’ll want to ask about high speed internet, whether printing is available and what it costs. You may even ask about their BYOD – bring your own device – policies.

Size Matters

While we tend to think bigger is better, you won’t want to pay for what you don’t use. If you’re simply using a spaces’ virtual address, why not work with a small local company that only has one or two regional locations?

If your team is large and geographically diverse, or travels frequently, you’ll want to consider larger franchise brands with locations in various cities or countries. Ask about how your digital nomads may utilize spaces away from their home location.

Get your Money’s Worth

Membership packages vary and the most robust may include more features than are needed at this point in your business’s life cycle. Most coworking spaces offer a number of options for various types of customers. Ask if packages may be customized to meet your needs and budget. Most independent coworking spaces have some flexibility to customize options and are willing to work with their members.


We alluded to this in point no.5, but flexibility is key. Read the fine print of your agreement and inquire about your chosen vendor’s agreement flexibility. Growing companies need agile partners, so look for a vendor who doesn’t require long term agreements or who allows changes with a reasonable amount of notice.

Find the Top Virtual Office for Your Business

As you can see, finding the ideal virtual office for your business requires thoughtful consideration. The virtual office vendor you choose is an extension of the brand you are trying to build. Give this pursuit the time and energy it deserves.

If you live in Florida, why not get in contact with us? Our flexible, affordable memberships and packages may be just what your business needs.